Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-Employment Screening:


Sometimes referred to as a ‘background check’ a pre-employment screening is a way for employers to screen potential employees’ credentials prior to them joining the team. This is usually done with information provided by the potential employee such as identity number or full name and surname.

Bad hires can happen during any recruitment process, the aim is to be as thorough as possible with your background checks so when you are making a hiring decision you have all the possible information needed to make the right decision for your business. Using a specialist service to conduct your background checks and verify an applicant’s information can help you lower your chance of a bad hire.


A pre-employment check with HavenSec Security Solutions can include


Identity Verification – Confirm the employee has provided their correct Full Name and Identity Number.


License Verification – Confirmation of vehicle license in the applicant’s name.


Employment History – Thorough investigation into proving an accurate work history for an applicant.


Education Investigation – Similar to employment history we can provide confirmation of a potential employee’s qualifications with the necessary boards and institutions.


Credit checks – Should an applicant need to prove financial responsibility.


PDP verification or Biometric Criminal Verification – Using fingerprints to confirm a clear criminal background check.


The benefits of using pre-employment screening during the recruitment of employees.


Verification of an applicant’s qualifications

Unfortunately, some people feel the need to embellish on their qualifications and if this goes undetected you could end up hiring someone who is unable to perform at the level you expected from someone with the correct qualifications.


Check an applicant’s character

By confirming all the potential candidate’s details you can better establish that you are hiring an honest, reliable individual who has shown integrity in the application process. Remember even a slight embellishment on a job application can indicate someone’s dishonesty, rather ensure you are hiring honest applications without surprises.


Lower your chances of a bad hire.

As sometimes happens a bad hire is made and in the best possible case this is discovered soon after the hire’s arrival and the applicant can move on before any harm is done. However this is not always the case and when a bad hire is made this can lead to them not doing their job, lowering workplace morale and potentially causing further damage to your brand. Making use of extensive pre-employment screening or background checks you can better determine if an applicant is a good fit for your business.


Going slightly beyond the basic pre-employment screening can include phoning previous employers and screening applicants’ social media accounts to give you a better idea of who you are hiring. Especially in today’s social world, there are several platforms that can give you an indication of any unsavory behaviour you would prefer not to have in your workplace saving you company in the long run.


Why Hire Havensec Security Solutions?

Our team has extensive experience in performing pre-employment screening and background checks which provide you with more peace of mind during your recruitment processes. To find out more about our background check solutions contact us today at