Off-site Monitoring

What is Off-site Monitoring?


Off-site Monitoring is the 24/7 monitoring of your property’s critical electronic and/or security systems by an independent company to protect your assets at all costs. These security systems can include things such as; electric fences, Building Management Systems (BMS), CCTV cameras and generators which are monitored from an independent companies control room by highly-trained professionals.

How does Off-site Monitoring work?

Our systems are constantly monitoring and checking your property’s security features. If a system or feature goes down, for example, your electric fence goes offline, we are immediately sent alerts and notifications. The cameras in the vicinity of the alerted event immediately start recording and show their live streams over others. Allowing our security professionals to take the necessary action to protect your property and assets.

With well strategically positioned cameras not only can we monitor your property but we can also manage your security guards and provide valuable insights about your staff. This is one effective way to solve the problem of ‘lazy’ or ineffective security guards. This type of monitoring is undetectable and therefore your guards will not know when they are being surveyed, so they will behave appropriately at all times.

The Benefits of Off-site Monitoring:


Save on Costs:

If your business is being monitored 24/7 then your guards will not need to patrol your property’s perimeter and thus you will need fewer guards on your property. Guards also do not need to leave their positions unnecessarily which lowers the risk of intruders gaining access to your property and as such there will be less theft.

Less Damage to your Property:

Effective early warning systems reduce the time criminals have on your property and thus reduce the amount of damage they can do. Our CCTV control room reacts to the event as they happen and are notified immediately, therefore you can react immediately. Giving criminals little opportunity to damage your property and/or assets.

Peace of Mind:

Off-site monitoring ensures your team is alerted immediately to any problems so that they can react accordingly. We call emergency services for you. You can rest assured your property is well protected and that your security guards are not sleeping on the job. Our CCTV cameras are always watching so that you don’t have to!